Argus Affiliate Recruiter Agreement


We are looking for high performing professional recruiters who want to leverage their relationships and access to information to earn additional income by being part of a talent supply chain that adds value for our Client(s).

The Terms and Conditions below constitute Argus Affiliate Recruiter Agreement. It is not a 10-page legal document because that is not how a trust-based relationship is created. The essential components of the program are here so we have a common understanding. From there, we want to build a healthy, mutually respectful and financially rewarding relationship. We do not need 1,000 Affiliate Recruiters. We only need a few who are effective and can benefit financially from our Client opportunities.



Argus Talent Services provides non-exclusive retained and contingency search services to support the acquisition of candidates for Client opportunities. Our search assignments are usually not exclusive. Our Client has not engaged Argus Talent Services as an exclusive recruiting/placement firm for any position unless communicated otherwise.



Our Contingency Fee is often a percentage of the candidate’s annualized first calendar year compensation; however, the Fee could also be a flat rate. Occasionally Argus Talent Services delivers RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) services on a time and materials basis, e.g. based on an hourly labor rate; but, these are unique circumstances.

The Contingency Fee is earned by Argus Talent Services and will be invoiced when the applicant is hired, directly or indirectly on a permanent basis or on a contract or consulting basis by the Client or any of its affiliates, partners, or related parties within one year of the date applicant(s) are submitted to Client. These are the default terms included in our Agreements with the Client(s).



Staffing and recruiting is similar to real estate sales where there is a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent – both of whom split commissions based on a successful deal. In the staffing and recruiting industry, commissions are split similarly between the “Client Owner”” and the “Candidate Owner.” As an Affiliate Recruiter, you will receive 20% of the client-side commission (or 10% of the total revenue from the Contingency Staffing Fee) on the successful placement of your candidates. Here’s another explanation:

Approximately 60% of our revenue is required for operational support and expenses. The remaining 40% is allocated to:

A.  Affiliates generating sales
B.  Affiliates supporting recruiting (You)
C.  Charitable and philanthropic contributions
D.  Compliance and legal requirements
E.  Contingency for refunds, unplanned expenses, etc.

For example, a $20,000.00 USD staffing fee means $2,000.00 USD to you. If you did 4 hours of sourcing and candidate conversations, that would be equivalent to $500.00 USD per hour. We don’t always meet our goal of 40% net margin on staffing services; but, your financial rewards will never be impacted if our internal expenses are higher – you will always receive 10% of the Contingency Staffing Fee.

All Affiliate Recruiters are independent contractors – regardless of your global location (1099 in the U.S.). You will be responsible for paying local taxes on any commissions you earn. Affiliate commissions are paid within 10 days of receipt of payment from our Client. Payments are usually made by check unless alternative arrangements are made.


Argus Talent Services often provides a 30- or 60-day candidate replacement warranty consistent with the terms included in our Agreements with the Client(s).



As an Affiliate Recruiter, you will,

►  Identify individual Candidates from a variety of sources and solicit their updated resumes and credentials
►  Speak to the candidate to confirm interest, availability, suitability and evaluate the Candidate’s qualifications
►  Present top Candidates for immediate consideration and potential submission to our Client

As an Affiliate Recruiter, you will not:

►  Negotiate the compensation package with any candidate
►  Conduct reference checks of the candidates’ references
►  Conduct credit, criminal and driving background checks and educational verification

Our Affiliate Recruiter Partner program is designed to empower you to be a part of our virtual team and to create a professional and rewarding partnership between us. Our partnership program works because of a trust-based commitment to building a “Win-Win” relationship.

Welcome to Argus Talent Services team!



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