Argus Affiliate Recruiter Program

Rewards Overview


Argus Affiliate Recruiter Partner Program was created to provide an opportunity for professional and freelance recruiters who want to support occasional assignments. The Program is intentionally more financially rewarding than other “referral programs” on the market. A significant difference between the Argus program and other referral programs is that wee allow you to select candidate categories based on skill sets you are most likely to be familiar with and most likely to have access. This focus on your selected niches creates a higher opportunity for a successful placement when you receive a notice of an opening.



Most candidate referral programs pay $250 – $500 USD, and some up to 5% of fees, for a permanent placement. The Argus Affiliate Recruiter Program pays twice as much – 10% of the contingency staffing fee. If you help a candidate advance their career, we believe you should be rewarded and we should share the financial rewards with you. Our goal is a win-win partnership with our Affiliate Recruiters.

So do the math…a $20K staffing fee is $2K to you. If you did 4 hours of sourcing and candidate conversations, that would be $500 per hour. What if you did 2 per month?



Approximately 60% of our revenue is required for operational support and expenses. The remaining 40% is allocated to:

A. Financial rewards for Argus Sales Affiliates generating opportunities
B. Financial rewards for Argus Recruiter Affiliates supporting recruiting
C. Charitable and philanthropic contributions in the global and local communities we serve
D. Compliance, legal and record-keeping requirements
E. Contingency for refunds, unplanned expenses, etc.

We don’t always meet our goal of 40% net margin on staffing and recruiting services; but, your financial rewards will never be impacted when our internal expenses are higher – you will always receive 10% of the contingency staffing fee. Read the entire Argus Affiliate Recruiter Agreement here.

Argus Affiliate Recruiter Program Application


1. Sign up using this form.
2. Select the Capabilities and Industries in which you have expertise or access to candidates.
3. We’ll send you job orders that match the Capabilities and Industries for your review.
4. Submit candidates directly to – not a black hole.
5. We’ll stay connected with you until we receive client feedback.
6. Get paid for placements.

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