The Argus Difference

The Argus approach to Talent Acquisition is a synthesis of Recruiting, Organizational Design, Marketing and Business Development best practices. Here's how...

Traditional Staffing Agency Model

Original Job Description

Argus Talent Acquisition Method

Argus Enhanced Recruiting Assets 2

A typical recruiting agency client receives the following deliverables on a permanent placement assignment:

  1. One fully qualified and screened candidate who accepts an offer
  2. A second candidate will be provided if the first is unacceptable or declines the offer
  3. A third candidate will only be provided if the first two are unacceptable or decline an offer
  4. And so on.

Our clients receive higher performing candidates and more than one to choose from -  in addition to the following deliverables for the same fee:


  • Job description review
  • Goals and objectives clarification
  • Updated job description content and/or recommended changes


  • Intake discussion with senior recruiter
  • Documented additional requirements from intake conversation
  • Identified additional essential capabilities (performance factors)
  • Identified additional essential competencies (levels of performance)
  • Performance factors identification


  • Revised job description content, formating, branding, etc.
  • Re-branded assets to improve job description format
  • Additional company information candidate FAQs (benefits, market position, etc.)
  • Re-characterized Total Rewards summary (candidate-facing)
  • Recommended enhancements to your website to support candidate recruiting
  • Recommended enhancements to third party web content to support recruiting


  • Completed market salary analysis
  • Basic salary analysis findings summary
  • Completed employer position competitive analysis
  • Recommendations to enhance employer competitive position
  • Enhanced candidate marketing messages, employer brand, etc.
  • Enhanced candidate messaging assets (collateral)
  • Enhanced reference content for candidates about client



Download the Complete Checklist of bundled services to compare the Argus Talent Acquisition methodology with any other agency or staffing firm:

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