About Mark Galvan

Mark Galvan is the President of Argus Talent Services. Over his 20+ years in outsourcing and consulting, he has served in executive, strategy and operational leadership roles – nine of which were at Accenture as the North American lead for HR outsourcing operations. Today, Mark is focused on talent acquisition innovation which is enhanced from consulting with organizations in over 30 industries – making him the guy who is most "out of the box" in every conversation.

The Candidate Page

CAREER SERIES How to Stay Positive - The Candidate Page ► More Candidate Resources This page is dedicated to every person who has faced a mountain of change while carrying the burden of doubt, discouragement, uncertainty – and every other emotion responsible for fear and inaction. Part of our mission and purpose is to minister, encourage [...]

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How to Create Your Career Future

CAREER SERIES How to Create Your Career Future ► More Candidate Resources Based on the statistics, the odds are: You're NOT overly excited about your job, You're NOT your supervisor's biggest fan and/or You're NOT sold out to the mission and vision of your company. Every human resources think tank in America reports that employees [...]

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Interview with Confidence – Preparation Tips

CAREER SERIES Interview with Confidence – Preparation Tips ► More Candidate Resources Let's get to the point…the situation is: You have an interview You're competing with other people with similar experience The top candidate will have all the key requirements and more Being “good enough” will not get you the job You have to differentiate [...]

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Prepare for Your Interview – Like a Pro

CAREER SERIES Prepare for Your Interview – Like a Pro ► More Candidate Resources Look for a win-win-win-win The best recruiters believe that an offer of employment is supposed to produce a win-win result. We believe there are more stakeholders involved in the decision beyond the candidate and the employer, such as, You as a candidate [...]

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Access career opportunities through networking

CAREER SERIES 90% of all career opportunities are only accessible through networking! ► More Candidate Resources Leveraging Your Network An estimated 10% of all career opportunities are published and publicly accessible, such as in the newspaper, on a corporate web-site, posted on a job board, etc. Given this reality, you need a way to access the [...]

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