IMPORTANT: How to Improve Your Chances of Selection

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You are a candidate for a position...
And we found you! And another external recruiter found you!
Actually, you've been contacted multiple times by different recruiters about the same opportunity.

What is happening is the position is being competitively sourced by one or more headhunting or recruiting firms; and, you have been contacted by more than one organization based on your online resume or profile.

Now what do you do?


The recruiter you choose to represent you will have a BIG impact on your level of consideration by a hiring company and almost certainly, your future salary.


So, before you commit to allowing any agency to represent you and submit you as a candidate, we would like to earn your trust and your business so that we earn the exclusive opportunity to submit you as a candidate.

Here's how we will do just that:

  • Notice first the difference between the information presented in our job announcements compared to what you receive from another firm. "Transactional recruiting" is precisely why staffing agencies in the industry earned the name "body shops." We're not just processing "recruiting transactions." Every conversation, candidate and decision is a strategic one - for both the candidate and the client.
  • We will never submit your resume without first working with you to reconstruct how your background, skills and abilities are presented so they more ideally align to the requirements of the opportunity. Hiring managers are busy people too; and, we do not want to leave it to chance that they will see everything in your resume that we do! So, we take the responsibility of matching your qualifications to the requirements - like a bingo card. If you're a good match, we'll work to make sure the hiring manager doesn't miss out on Bingo!
  • As you move through the process, we leverage competitive intelligence to provide you inside information about the company, industry, decision-makers, recruiters and/or hiring authorities you will interact with along the way so that you can be competitively prepared... just like a sales person prepares for an appointment with a prospect. The right approach is not to "sell" you but rather to ensure the proposed solution (you) meets the client's needs. That' our job.
  • We have taken time behind the scenes to understand the real benefits the organization is seeking. So if you're the right candidate, we'll leverage that knowledge to work with you to position you as a high ROI solution.
  • A candidate can be "Qualified" or "Highly Qualified" or a "High Performer." We know what our client is looking for. If they need a High Performer and you're one, our approach and our understanding of the work-related requirements will be used to strategically position you as a High Performer – not just a Highly Qualified Candidate.
  • If you're the right person AND you want the opportunity AND if it's a win-win for both sides, we'll work to make it happen.

If you're an experienced hire or a seasoned professional, you should be able to see by now that the Argus approach is not just a transaction, the way most recruiting agencies approach candidate sourcing and submission. This is solution selling and you are the solution!

We are business partners with our clients - not vendors. We win when they win and you win. Our commitment is to ensure we all win!



DISCLAIMER:  If you landed on this page looking for a way to compare headhunting firms to determine how to select one to represent you as a candidate...the information provided here is not intended to be a comparison checklist.

We know how we work and recognize we are VERY different in the industry. Most staffing and recruiting firms do not offer even half the value we do - to either the client or the candidate. So, it's not likely you will find a firm that will offer the same services.

If there is something we can do for you or you want us to represent you as a candidate to a specific company, please reach out to us directly. Provide us with some background information and what your're trying to accomplish and we'll provide guidance at worst, help at best.

~ The Argus Talent Services Recruiting Team