Resources for Candidates on a Mission

Success Requires Preparation - Prepare to Succeed

The following resources have been put together to assist you on the journey as a candidate and help you sharpen your skills and abilities to show up your best and succeed. We sincerely hope you make the time to take advantage of the following resources:

 Prepare for Your Interview – Like a Pro

This article was written to provide you some key tips that will help you avoid getting lost in the forest – after all, a career is a journey; and, you want to move in the right direction.

 How to Improve Your Chances of Selection
If you are being represented by a recruiting agency, this is a critical article for you; because, not all agencies are equal.

 Don't Give Up!!! – The Candidate Page
We know this is hard. You are selling yourself; and, you will be rejected more times than you will be embraced. But don't give up! These resources were selected to be a source of encouragement when you need it most!

 Interview with Confidence – Preparation Tips
So, assuming you really want the job and you're willing to work to get it, here's something you can do that is in your control: prepare to answer the interview questions with confidence. Here are some basic, classic and challenging questions to help you practice. As you consider you answers, put yourself in the interviewer’s position – what do they want to hear from you and what do they not want to hear from you?

 How Will Recruiters See You? Qualified, Highly Qualified or High Performer!
We teach our corporate clients that there is a big difference between someone who is Qualified, someone who is Highly Qualified and someone who is a High Performer! Find out what we are communicating to the decision-makers and determine today if you're going to be just another highly qualified candidate or a high performer!

 How to Create Your Future (Solid advice for job-seekers from a recruiter)
Your eligibility for any future position in large part will be determined by how you performed in prior positions. Meaning, you are creating your future by how you show up at work today. This article explains how and what recruiters look for to determine what your future performance will look like.