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Position: Virtual Recruiter (AR1724)

Overview of the Role

Position: Virtual Recruiter (AR1724)
Location:  Virtual
Compensation:  Hourly rate will be commensurate with experience
Status:  Part-time Contractor
Number of Positions: 1
Benefits:  N/A
Industry:  Professional Services
Job Category:  Talent Management (Sourcing & Recruiting)
Posting URL
Job ID: AR1724

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About the Company

Argus Talent Services is the Talent Management division of Argus Partners, a well-known 20-year-old IT Services company with headquarters operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Argus Talent Services provides services to both Fortune 1000 clients as well as mid-tier clients offering permanent placement recruiting, staffing and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) for professional services organizations in many different vertical industries.

Our clients receive higher performing candidates and more than one to choose from – in addition to Talent Acquisition consulting services – all for the same fee. Our approach to Talent Acquisition is a synthesis of Recruiting, Organizational Design, Marketing and Business Development best practices which when integrated, create something totally unique. We intentionally offer services that significantly differentiate us from the typical staffing agency, but more importantly, to deliver more significant and strategic value to our clients. We strive to accelerate our clients’ success as a business partner – not a vendor.

Argus’ growing powerhouse list of clients includes regional and global firms in many industries, including Automotive, Consulting, Healthcare, Information Technology, Industrial, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Security, Software, Technology, Utilities and more. The leadership team is focused on capitalizing on the hyper-growth of the North Texas economic region and delivering services as a prime contractor and sub-contractor to a growing list of globally recognized corporate clients. Argus is certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and (Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). More information can be found online:

Recruiting Solutions for a Competitive Edge
An overview of our approach to Talent Acquisition which is a synthesis of Recruiting, Organizational Design, Marketing and Business Development best practices. content/uploads/2017/07/Argus- Talent-Solutions-for-a- Competitive-Edge.pdf

The Impact of High-Performance Team Members
The difference in value to the business between “Qualified,” “Highly Qualified” and “High Performing” candidates is orders of magnitude. impact-of-high-performance/

Argus Value Commitment
An executive summary of our value proposition and strategic differentiators relative to the traditional staffing industry. argus-value-commitment/

We are not a typical staffing company

We intentionally offer much more value than typical recruiting services.

The valuable benefit you will receive working with us is what you will learn.

We have very high standards because our clients do…and we are committed to being different.

About the Opportunity

To fuel our rapid growth, we are focused on adding additional virtual support to our team to provide assistance with internal support activities. Our Talent Management Team in Dallas, Texas USA is looking for a part-time sourcer / recruiter to begin supporting recruiting projects as needed and on demand.

The Virtual Recruiter role was created to provide assistance in support of our internal and external recruiting efforts. All work is project-based and project-specific. Details on current projects will be provided directly to the contractor supporting the work. Your contributions are a critical input to the achievement of the recruiting operations team’s goals and objectives. The job requires attention to detail and precision in following Argus Talent Services’ standard operating procedures.

Total Rewards


The part-time contractor compensation rate will be competitive and commensurate with background, skills and experience.

Essential Job Functions

Our Internet-based operational model separates the Sourcing function from the Recruiting function. We already have sourcers who find and communicate to potential candidates. They also post jobs based on the pre-determined sourcing strategy. They are amazing at generating a lot of buzz about a posted job opportunity; and, they generate a lot of work volume by communicating to targeted, potentially qualified candidates.
We need another Virtual Recruiter who will manage the next phase of the recruiting process, including,
  • Review the resumes received and critically evaluate the candidates to identify those who are highly qualified
  • Reply to the candidates who are NOT highly qualified using professional templates so they are not waiting for feedback
  • Respond to highly qualified candidates using professional templates
  • Send additional information and questionnaires to the highly qualified candidates to request more information
  • Evaluate and score the responses on the questionnaires received from the highly qualified candidates
  • Update a comparison spreadsheet with the responses received from the highly qualified candidates
  • Reply to the candidates NOT selected for next steps using professional templates so they are not waiting for feedback
  • Communicate with the highly qualified candidates selected for next steps
  • Schedule and coordinate phone interviews with U.S.-based screening managers
  • Track all candidate information and activity updates using Google Sheets for import into the ATS
The role will require,
  • Good English language skills to interact with candidates by Skype calls when needed, e.g. to confirm schedule phone interviews
  • Proficiency with Google Mail, Google Documents, Google Sheets for data management and communication
  • Solid prior recruiting experience as described in this role description
  • Familiarity with recruiting for management, professional, IT, consulting and similar skill sets

Additional work could be needed occasionally to support sourcing, e.g.

  • Source resumes, profiles, CVs, etc. for candidates
  • Build target contact lists of qualified candidates
  • Evaluate candidates for minimum qualifications
  • Identify highly qualified candidates
  • Track all candidates (e.g., name, email, phone, position) in internal applicant/candidate tracking tools
  • Communicate and correspond with candidates to invite to review jobs, reply to inquiries, complete questionnaires, etc.

Required Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 5+ years of experience recruiting for professional positions
  • Existing access to resources to locate resumes, professional profiles, current company positions, etc.
  • Existing access to resources to find candidate contact information, e.g., email addresses and phone numbers
  • Prior experience and proficiency sourcing to recruit professionals for professional positions
    NOTE: Please tell us your niche areas of expertise based on your prior experience and the resources you have available to you
  • Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques using resume boards, e.g.,,,
  • Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques using appropriate social media sites, e.g., LinkedIn
  • Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques using Boolean search methods on Google and database sites
  • Reliable Internet access for work efficiency and dependability
  • Prior experience and proficiency evaluating candidates’ profiles and resumes for minimum qualifications
  • You must have good professional English writing skills for communicating (e.g. by email, Skype, SMS, etc.)
  • Attention to detail and precision to follow Argus Talent Services’ standard operating procedures
  • Familiarity with BPO / RPO operations is a plus

Other essential characteristics:

  • Must be able to work independently as well as with a team
  • Must take responsibility for the final results of projects
  • Must be accessible for time-sensitive assignments
  • U.S. work hours not required, although helpful (Time Zone: U.S. Central, Dallas/Chicago, GMT -5)
  • This role does not require that all project hours be worked during U.S. business hours
  • Some projects will be time sensitive however and may need to be completed during U.S. business hours
  • Project hours will be required on-demand, as work requirements create the need for additional support

How to Apply

On, navigate to the position posting and click on the Apply Now button. Be sure to include your best email address and phone number in the body of your cover letter so that we can contact you directly.

We will review your comments, background and credentials and reply to you with possible next steps.

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